Defamation Litigation

Michael A O’Brien & Co. Solicitors helps clients win defamation settlements. Our clients generally come from small communities in Waterford, Kilkenny and Tipperary, where a loss of reputation can have devastating consequences.

We all value our good name, and when that good name is threatened, we will do everything to protect it. Defamation law deals with false accusations that undermine a person’s reputation and expose them to ridicule and contempt. We take defamation cases against:

  • Media organisations such as newspapers and radio stations
  • Community and sporting organisations
  • Businesses.
  • Individuals .

Defamation typically comes in two forms:

  • Libel – When false information is published in print, broadcast or online form
  • Slander – Verbal accusations are made by an organisation or by another individual.

If our clients feel they have been defamed, and we agree that this is so ,  we will handle their case and help them restore their good name and seek  compensation for them.

Do you feel your reputation has been damaged? Contact us now for a consultation.