Injuries Board

Under the Personal Injuries Act 2003, all personal injury claims not directly settled between the claimant and the defendant are now assessed by the Injuries Board. The Board was set up with the aim of preventing a costly court case. A claim will only be assessed by the Injuries Board if the defendant’s insurance company agrees to it. We will submit an application on our clients’ behalf.

The application includes:

  • Details of the accident – when, where and how
  • Details of the injuries sustained
  • Client’s contact details
  • Solicitor’s contact details
  • Details of other expenses (for example loss of earnings)
  • Updated medical reports.

The Injuries Board employs assessors who will examine the information we have presented and will set a value for compensation to be awarded to the client for their injuries. The Injuries Board will ask both sides if they agree to the assessment. If either side disputes liability, the Injuries Board will issue an authorisation document allowing court proceedings so the case can proceed to court, if not settled beforehand.

We will compare the assessment to our own valuation of the full value of the case and if we feel it’s in our clients’ best interests, we will advise them to accept or reject their assessment. We encourage clients to consider whether their legal costs will be adequately covered by the Injuries Board settlement (as the Injuries Board do not award legal costs) and whether the settlement compensates them for the emotional and physical trauma they have experienced.

Let us guide you through the Injuries Board claims process. Make an appointment with us now.